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Matt Maher

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Since his 2008 major label debut, Matt Maher has become a staple in the artistic and songwriting community. A nine time-GRAMMY® nominee and three time-GMA Dove Award winner, he has garnered multiple radio successes, writing and recording songs such as his Top 5 CCLI song “Lord, I Need You” and the chart-topping radio single “Because He Lives (Amen).” Along with other hits such as “Hold Us Together,” “Christ Is Risen,” “All The People Said Amen,” and “Your Grace Is Enough,” Maher has written or co-written five No. 1 radio singles. Maher was recently awarded his first RIAA Platinum certification for his popular single “Lord, I Need You.” He’s released nine studio albums, including his 2017 GRAMMY nominated album Echoes. He also released his first Christmas album and children’s book, both titled The Advent of Christmas, during the 2018 holiday season.

Matt Baird

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Matt Baird, lead singer of the Christian Rock band Spoken. In 1996, I felt that God was leading me to start a band, and use music as a tool to share the hope of Jesus with the world. I’m grateful for each day that I get to write music, perform music with Spoken, or as a solo acoustic artist. I also love it when I have the opportunity to play acoustic shows, or do guest worship at churches across the world. I know that it’s only the grace of Jesus, the support of my family, as well as each and every person that prays, comes to shows, or could be reading this now, that makes any of this possible. I’m forever grateful.


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JMMJ is a musical duo out of West Des Moines, Iowa: Catholic men who write and produce their own unique songs inspired by faith. Joel Magruder II is the instrumental producer and vocalist; Matt Jerome is the lyricist and vocalist. JMMJ put out their first self-titled, self-released album in 2016. Their second studio album “Two Part” was released in 2019. JMMJ’s newer songs emphasize themes of faith in God and loving our neighbors - in a genre of music that is often to the contrary. They combine hip/hop and electronic instruments, creating indelible sounds. Spreading God’s good word through music is their goal and passion.

First Encounter

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First Encounter is a local contemporary Christian music group whose goal is to create a culture of prayer through Adoration, music, and the Sacraments. This group of musicians came together through the providence of God. We use our gifts to glorify God and create prayer experiences for all who are seeking the Lord.